The Importance of a good family doctor

One of the most important people in your family’s life will be their doctor. A good family doctor will be your first point of contact for all things involving the health of you, your partner and your children. 

By finding a family doctor who you are all comfortable with, you can schedule regular check in’s where your GP will come to know you and your family over time, becoming familiar with your medical history and each family member’s individual needs. 

This personalised medical care is vital to your family’s ongoing wellness as your doctor will be able to see changes in your family’s health and patterns over time that a new GP might not recognise as quickly. 

Your family needs a person who can address any health apprehensions they have and guide them to take preventive steps to maintain their wellbeing and take timely action during illness. Your GP is also a gateway to specialists and other managed care providers who can further help physically, mentally and emotionally when you need the extra care.

There are specialists for every part of the body and every health concern a person might develop. However, how does a person know when to go to a specialist and which specialist will be best for them? That’s where the role of a family doctor comes into play, your GP will be able to assess your situation and recommend the best specialist to continue your care with your GP being involved along the way.


Family doctors are with you for life

Because family doctors treat a wide range of conditions, they can be your primary care physicians at any point in your life. From infants to toddlers, children, teenagers and adults, your GP can care for your whole family for decades of their lives. This helps you to build a great relationship with your GP that will last a lifetime. 


Family Doctors Can Provide Personalised Care 

After your doctor is able to treat your family for years of their life, your GP will develop a thorough understanding of each family member’s medical history. Knowing this history so well, your GP will be able to make accurate diagnoses and monitor your family closely for warning signs or changes in your health checkups. 


How to make the most of a family doctor?

  • Make regular appointments with your family doctor at least once a year if you are above the age of 25 and once every 6 months if you are above the age of 35. Don’t put off these appointments thinking they are a waste of time if you feel fine, your doctor is building up a knowledge base of your health to be able to spot warning signs quickly when they appear. 
  • Ask your GP for a second opinion or to consult on results you’ve received from tests or lab investigations. A test result is of no value to you without the interpretation of the test in the context of your personal health history. 
  • Disclose all medical information to your doctor, don’t hide anything out of embarrassment or hesitance. Everything is important for your doctor to know


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