Cosmetic Injectables

Cosmetic injectables, such as muscle relaxants, can help you achiever a healthier, more youthful appearance. They’re a great solution for addressing those pesky wrinkles and creases that creams and other topical applications simply aren’t effective at removing.

If you have any questions about cosmetic injectables, we strongly suggest you book an appointment to discuss them in person with one of our medical professionals. Below, we answer a few FAQs.

What are cosmetic injectables?

Cosmetic injectables are commonly used to help to reduce wrinkles, lines and other minor blemishes in the skin – usually on the face, particularly around the eyes, forehead and mouth. They are used to either relax muscles (and subsequently reduce lines) or to fill wrinkles and flatten the skin surface, reducing their appearance.

Are cosmetic injections safe?

Cosmetic injections are completely safe for most people. There are some risks, however. Some people may have an allergic reaction to the protein used. Others may experience the formation of tiny bumps under the skin (usually temporary). In very rare cases, the skin can adopt a bluish hue or some skin cells in the area may die. Other side effects can include redness, slight bruising and swelling.

When properly applied, using a safe material, cosmetic injectables are extremely safe.

What are muscle relaxants?

Muscle relaxants, as the name suggests, helps muscles to relax. Muscle relaxants are generally used to reduce pressure on skin that can lead to the formation of small lines and forehead creases.

They can also be used to improve the appearance of sagging skin, make lips appear more plump, fill shallow areas of the skin and restore plumpness and volume overall, resulting in a more youthful appearance.

Do cosmetic injections hurt?

Some cosmetic injectables have a local anaesthetic as part of the injected material. For those that don’t, a topical anaesthetic can be applied to numb the area before injections start. Usually, discomfort is minimal and the procedure is rarely long. The needle is extremely fine, allowing us to apply cosmetic injectables to sensitive areas such as the lips and around the eyes with relatively minimal pain.

Can people tell that I’ve had an injection?

It is entirely possible to go “too far” and end up with a very puffed up, unnatural look. We prefer to avoid this, aiming for a more natural, youthful appearance. Those who are close to you may notice a difference, but they are often likely to simply put it down to exercise or better sleep. The goal for our treatments is to ensure our patients simply look like a younger version of themselves, not an unnatural version.

How long do cosmetic injections last?

You can generally expect the effects of your muscle relaxants to last from 12 weeks to a year. Different areas of the face retain effects for longer, and different products have differing lifespans.

What happens when the treatment wears off?

There are very rarely any negative effects once your treatment has worn off. Your skin will simply return to the state it was in previously. Some products can have a beneficial effect on your skin and stimulate collagen production, which can leave you with long term effects after your cosmetic injection has worn off.

Do cosmetic injections prevent wrinkles?

Because they alter the way your face rests and the pressures applied to different areas of your skin, cosmetic injectables can sometimes help to prevent the formation of new wrinkles. Muscle relaxants work to reduce the strength with which your facial muscles shift and also how often they move, so this can help restrict the formation of new wrinkles.

How long does a cosmetic injection appointment take?

Appointments are usually quite fast. To begin with, you’ll need a consultation and then you’ll need to be prepared for the treatment. This may involve applying anaesthetic and determining exactly where injections will take place. The actual injections part of the procedure will only take a few minutes.

What anti-wrinkle treatment does Carina Medical use?

Anti-Wrinkle Treatments (or muscle relaxant injections) are composed of a natural purified protein (manufactured in sterile laboratory conditions) that relaxes the targeted muscle to create a smoother, rejuvenated and more youthful appearance. The muscle relaxant injection used at Carina Rejuvenation Clinic has been used in Australia and New Zealand in therapeutic treatments for over 15 years. It is a prescription-only medicine and treatment is only available from a qualified medical professional.

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