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Jaclyn Ward is a qualified Naturopath with over 11 years’ experience within the natural health industry. Jaclyn started her career in exercise physiology and dietetics and went on to obtain a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy (Nutritional Medicine and Botanical Medicine). Jaclyn has been a member of the Australian Natural Therapist Association since 2009.

Most recently, Jaclyn has enjoyed working in the field of practitioner education, educating her clients in a clinical setting as well as her peers. She values the importance of maintaining and expanding her professional knowledge and keeps up to date with industry changes and the latest scientific research through her attendance of seminars and conferences.

Jaclyn’s strengths include adopting an integrated approach that goes beyond just looking at a client’s symptoms. She is passionate about addressing the causes of ill health and potentially contributing factors that may cause imbalance. Jaclyn combines the wisdom of traditional naturopathic knowledge with medical and evidenced-based research and provides education to clients during their consultations.

In addition to general health care issues, Jaclyn has a particular interest in:babies, infants and children’s health;

  • weight loss and dietary planning;
  • male and female fertility;
  • endocrine dysfunction (thyroid, gynecological issues and adrenal issues);
  • IBS and gut issues;
  • autoimmune conditions;
  • food intolerances; and
  • depression, anxiety and mood disorders.

Jaclyn looks forward to working with her clients in achieving their best possible state of health.

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Naturopathy FAQs

Naturopathy focuses on addressing the ‘whole’ person. Every patient is considered unique and therefore a tailored approach is taken to enhance wellness and emphasise prevention. It seeks to find the underlying cause of the patient’s ill health rather than focusing solely on symptomatic treatment interventions. It utilises the least invasive and least toxic therapies to treat illness. Preventative measures are emphasised in a naturopath’s treatment protocols and philosophies. Modern naturopathy is a science-based discipline, but still preserves the thousands of years of wisdom and knowledge.

The initial consultation with a naturopath is always very important. Your health history and current health presentations will be discussed in depth in order to establish what is best needed to gain optimal health. A naturopath will need to get to know you, what your concerns, expectations and health goals are. Questions will also be asked about your health issues, mental and emotional health as well as diet and lifestyle. There will be questions about what treatments you may already be undergoing from other health care professionals. By the end of the initial consultation, your naturopath will discuss your treatment options and develop an individualised treatment plan that will assist in addressing your health issues. In-house diagnostics may be used and further testing may be recommended.

Naturopaths are considered ‘general practitioners’ of natural medicine, thereby supporting most conditions including both acute concerns and chronic health conditions. A number of modalities are used to support the patient including clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, dietary prescription and homeopathy. Naturopathy is also best combined with conventional medicine to form an integrative approach to many health conditions.

The initial consult is generally 1 hour, however, if your condition is considered to be complex, extra time is advised. A follow-up visit is roughly 30 minutes. A follow-up visit implements treatment protocols, reviews progress and focuses on continued patient education and assessment.

This common question can often be difficult to answer since the speed at which people recover greatly varies, as everyone is unique, with different health concerns that may be presented. Generally, people can notice changes in their health in the first few weeks of treatment, although much depends on one’s level of compliance and unique situation. Some treatment programs can take anywhere between three months and two years – it depends entirely on the individual.

Naturopathic medicine can help all types of conditions and can benefit all age groups. It is effective for many chronic and acute conditions. It is also effective for preventing health problems. A naturopath will work closely with you to understand the state of your current health and how your particular lifestyle and external influences shape the way you are. They may conduct some testing and recommend third party assistance, such as a physiotherapist or psychologist, depending on your needs and preferences.

Health fund rebates are available and will depend on what type of private health care cover you have. Unfortunately, Medicare rebates are not available at this present stage for naturopathic consultations.

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