Carina Medical has a new website!

Welcome to the brand new Carina Medical website! We are proud to announce that after many months of designing, brainstorm sessions, content writing and development, our new website is now officially open to the public. We hope you can find your way around with ease and can navigate to the pages you’re looking for without any trouble. 

Brand and Style

Our new website follows our traditional branding and styling, but with a modern twist. Our little green man is still here, although he has evolved somewhat, and our traditional green colour will remain. It’s a mainstay of our brand, and we love it too much to change. 

Function and Purpose

The core purpose driving the development of the new Carina Medical website was a desire to deliver a more seamless and efficient experience to all of our patients. We want our patients to be able to book an appointment or read about our services with minimal barriers in the way. 


Have any feedback for us? Please get in touch! We’re always keen to hear from our patients about how we can better serve the local community. You can drop us a line on (07) 3398 8188 or contact us via this page