Dive Medicals

Fitness Examination For Divers

Australia’s regulations, requirements and medical standards relating to diving are among the strictest in the world ensuring that our divers are some of the safest in the world. Scuba diving is an incredible experience however it also involves some risks which make the risk of death while diving much higher as a result. 

If you have pre-existing medical conditions or disorders, scuba diving may cause you to experience worsening of those conditions including disorientation, impaired judgment, impaired mobility, unconsciousness or decompression sickness whilst you are underwater.

This strict adherence to dive safety standards, including a Dive Medical Assessment by a qualified GP is in your benefit to personal safety and risk management.


Queensland Dive Regulations 

In Queensland all divers must have passed a Diving Medicals Examination that has been done in accordance with Australian Standards AS 4005.1

The Recreational Diving Medicals Examination takes approximately 45 minutes.


Diving Medical Assessment Bookings

If you would like to make a booking for a Dive Medical Examination please use the booking link below or call our friendly reception team on 07 3398 8188.



Dive Medical FAQs

Not all General Practitioners can perform a Dive Medical Examination. Only a doctor who has the approved training can conduct a medical examination for recreational or occupational diving.

Diving Medicals Examinations take approximately 45 minutes

The assessment includes hearing and eyesight tests, urine test, lung function test, taking blood pressure and height and weight, as well as the patient completing a medical questionnaire. Patients will also need to have a chest X-ray at an additional cost.

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