Brisbane Children's Doctors

The Doctors who consult from The Carina Medical and Specialist Centre are caring and experienced and who take a holistic approach to your children’s health and wellness. Backed by years of experience in family medicine, the Doctors can assist your family across a range of paediatric issues including:

  • newborn and infant problems
  • immunisations
  • settling and sleeping issues
  • rashes and eczema
  • food intolerance and allergies
  • constipation
  • bed-wetting
  • wheeze and asthma
  • poor growth
  • developmental and behavioural concerns
  • Chronic conditions



Newborn Babies and New Parent Concerns

The caring Doctors and GPs are here to help all newborn babies and the problems that new parents can often face. They can provide support with anything you need to help during the first months of your child’s life. Issues including:

  • Antenatal care
  • Postnatal care
  • Newborn care and feeding
  • Infant and childhood immunisations
  • Sleep issues
  • Early childhood learning and behaviour
  • Parental mental health
  • General medical care


Toddlers and Young Children 

It’s important to schedule regular check-ins throughout your toddler’s growing years to ensure their development is progressing well and there are no concerns that may trouble them as they grow. 

  • Children’s Hearing tests
  • Children’s Speech tests
  • Children’s Eyesight tests
  • Height and Weight checks
  • Kids Oral Health Checks
  • Children’s allergy tests
  • Motor skills, behaviour and mood checks


Childhood Immunisations 

It’s very important to schedule your child’s immunisations at the correct times to prevent them from developing potentially serious or life threatening infections. The Doctors who consult from The Carina Medical & Specialist Centre provide all childhood immunisations at the recommended schedule from new borns to 4 years old.


Childhood immunisation schedule:

  • Newborns: Hepatitis B, Tuberculosis
  • 2 months old: DTPa-hepB-IPV-Hib, Pneumococcal, Rotavirus, Meningococcal B
  • 4 months old: DTPa-hepB-IPV-Hib, Pneumococcal, Rotavirus,  Meningococcal B
  • 6 months old: DTPa-hepB-IPV-Hib, Pneumococcal, Influenza
  • 12 months old: Measles-mumps-rubella, Meningococcal ACWY, Pneumococcal, Meningococcal B, Hepatitis B 
  • 18 months old: Measles-mumpsrubella-varicella, Haemophilus influenzae type b, DTPa, Hepatitis A
  • 4 years old: DTPa-IPV, Hepatitis A, Pneumococcal


Common Problems Children May Experience While Growing Up

The Doctors who consult from The Carina Medical & Specialist Centre are experienced in treating a number of common problems your children might experience as they grow up; and your family GP will be able to help you and your child to learn how to treat a range of conditions. 

The doctors can help:

  • Better manage allergies, eczema or asthma
  • Teach your child how to use their devices/puffers
  • Collaborate with your allergist and administer desensitisation injections if required

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