Antenatal Care

Antenatal care during your pregnancy

Appointments during your pregnancy are called your antenatal appointments or antenatal care. Taking care of your health before and during your pregnancy is vital to your and your baby’s ongoing health.

Antenatal appointments allow the Doctors who consult from The Carina Medical & Specialist Centre to help both you and your baby stay healthy. Even if you are feeling well during your pregnancy, it’s important for you to attend regular antenatal appointments for your doctor to keep on top of any potential risks. It is also the perfect time to to ask your doctor any questions that you might have about pregnancy and birth.

The Brisbane antenatal doctors can also support you with your lifestyle during pregnancy, including mental health or any dietary advice, or help quitting smoking or avoiding drinking alcohol. You can discuss any problems you might be having at home with the family doctors or female doctors. 

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